HNG 8 Internship: My Goals for It

Excited much!! I recently got an email inviting me to join the HNG i8 Internship that runs for a period of 2–3 months.

First Things first

Let’s take a step back and understand what this internship is about. First things first this internship is a post-Zuri training phase experience hosted by the cool guys from Zuri team. it covers major tracks in the tech field such as UI/UX(Figma is the best, find a tutorial here), frontend development, backend development, DevOps, Entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, and my personal favorite, mobile development.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to take this opportunity (thank you for joining me in this) to set some goals for this immersive experience.

As previously mentioned, I am a big fan of mobile development and have been for a while now. A condition that began with me fearing the idea of ever being able to do such a thing. I have done several incomplete projects in Flutter over the past 2 years and decided to find a place where I could change this. That’s where I came across Zuri on Twitter.

I should mention that I have only gotten to trying out Android apps using Java, and my ‘new bae’ Flutter; both of which I could not debug back then. If you’re curious, here’s a tutorial series on Flutter with Dart, with a little bit of firestore to get you excited.

The Goals


As you’ve probably guessed, I would like to first be able to complete a whole mobile application in Flutter and Firebase without having to copy and paste code from people online. Sound’s fair right, here’s another,

Version Control with Git

I want to be able to master Git, irrespective of which hosting service I’m using. I am currently working on that, and here are a few resources that I find quite useful;

  1. YouTube
  2. Practice
  3. Experience: that’s up to you.

I have always wanted to work remotely, so I am taking this opportunity to learn how to navigate the remote working space in preparation for jobs in the future as a ‘remote software Engineer’: fingers crossed.


As researched, I found that teams produce better results, especially teams that trust each other. So it is obvious that I would like to learn how to navigate working in a competitive environment, where instead of back-biting and ‘dirty play’, people collaborate and help each other to solve tasks; a thing that the Zuri Team is very insistent on.

What I aim to Achieve in the Internship

The shorter version, GRIT.

The longer version; not that long but it goes something like, I’d like to be a better developer, who believes in himself, and is highly proficient in both technical and people skills.

For those with me in the program, Good luck! For those not yet in the program, enroll now!


Njagi Ndungo.



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